Energy & Environmental Solutions

ACCO is leading the way to a greener tomorrow with our Energy Services group. Energy Service projects are loosely defined as those which incorporate improved levels of energy efficiency and reduced utility costs as a primary project objective and which often incorporate much needed facility infrastructure upgrades as part of the scope of work. By leveraging the resulting energy cost savings, companies are often able to fund replacements and upgrades that previously were not in the budget.


“The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.” – US Green Building Council

ACCO has an engineering department rivaling that of many consulting firms, and we are capable and ready to perform the most complex jobs under a design/build format. Using our staff of Professional Engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals, ACCO can design a modern, efficient and cost effective HVAC system for your facility, helping you to earn valuable points needed for LEED certification.

ESCO Partnerships

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) perform energy audits, study environmental impacts of site construction, provide financing to customers, and guarantee savings that result from the implementation of various energy efficiency measures. ACCO has a long history of working with established and successful ESCO firms under a partnership arrangement. ACCO’s Energy Services Division supports our ESCO partners by providing manpower, tools, technicians, engineering, budgeting and preliminary layout and design drawings during the pre-construction phase of energy focused projects. During construction, ACCO’s Energy Services Division provides required manpower and supervision for the mechanical and electrical trades. Oftentimes, at the customer’s request, ACCO fills the role of overall site superintendent and oversees the hiring and management of all other construction trades.

As one of the largest contractors on the West Coast, ACCO can provide these services and support on any project, regardless of size. We can respond quickly to requests and changes in the project scope to meet the customer’s overall financial and infrastructure requirements.

Listed below are just a few of the successful ESCOs that ACCO is currently working with:

  • Ameresco
  • Chevron Energy Solutions
  • Noresco

Renewable Energy

Renewable “green” energy is all the rage. Many municipalities are requiring certain percentages of new power to come from renewable sources. Large power users are often required to generate some percentage of their own power on site, from renewable sources if available. Wind, solar, biomass and geothermal are all examples of renewable, green energy concepts that ACCO can help you implement.

Wind Power

Wind power is one of the greenest power sources available. Completely renewable, with no emissions or hazardous waste byproducts, the only requirement is a suitable wind profile and a location to mount a turbine. Turbines are commercially available and can be found in various sizes, from very small models for a single home on up to very large models that generate multiple Megawatts of power. 

Solar Power

Solar power is another green alternative. Ever improving in cost, efficiency and flexibility, solar power is another completely renewable energy resource. Solar energy can be obtained from photovoltaic arrays which generate power directly, or from various types of thermal solar arrays that can heat water, make steam, generate power or even produce chilled water! An added benefit from many solar systems is that they provide shade for either the building itself or adjacent parking.

Biomass Power

On a more communal level, biomass power takes the waste products of modern society and breaks them down into a form that can be used to generate power. Landfill gas systems were some of the first power producers of this type, using the methane produced from waste products to power electrical generators. More modern advances allow us to burn or “digest” many kinds of industrial and agricultural waste streams, including those found at the typical sewage treatment plant.

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power uses the energy of the earth itself. Harnessing the heat found far below the earth’s surface, geothermal systems put this heat to good use generating electricity and/or heating and cooling for surrounding communities.

ACCO Engineered Systems can help you develop your own green power system. Call us to find out how!



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