LA Forum Renovation

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: January 2014

Khosla Ventures: a venture capital firm run by people who listen to, analyze, and advise entrepreneurs, manages a main fund that supports early- and latestage investments and a seed fund for developing very early-stage experiments.  As a firm that focuses on next-generation energy projects, new materials, mobility, the Internet and silicon technology, it was imperative that the building reflect these industries.


The project required a fast track renovation schedule that overhauled the complete building from roof to parking in just 8-months. It required full-time on-site project management to make the correct decisions on a hour to hour basis. Our crews worked over-time and shift work to complete the interior HVAC renovations on schedule for the opening event with The Eagles.


ACCO was responsible for the HVAC renovations which included refurbishing the two 216,000 CFM central air handling units for the concourse and bowl seating, which included new variable speed drives for the fans, rebuilt fan and coil section, new liner and sound trap assemblies. Four new custom variable volume air handling units were added to feed air conditioning to previusly unconditioned areas of the building and new spaces such as the Chase Lounge, Forum Club and Star Dressing Rooms. The central plant renovation included a new 550Ton replacement chiller for the bowl and concourse areas, and a new 150Ton scroll chiller and tower for the new air handling systems. Boilers and heating hot water systems were renovated for makeup water and gas train piping. Split systems were added for new 24/7 critical load rooms that housed all the new audio visual, electrical and telecom. The roof work included replacement fans for the seating area and a new pyrotechnic smoke purge exhaust fan system.

Owner: Madison Square Garden Company
Architect: BBB Architects
General Contractor: Clark Contruction
Design-Build criteria Consultant & Commissioning Agent: ME Engineers
Design-Build Mechanical/Controls: ACCO Engineered Systems

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