System Knowledge

Overhead VAV

This has become the standard HVAC system applied to most office and commercial buildings.  However, cost effectiveness and energy conservation of the system vary widely and depend on the skill of both the engineer and field installation team, and sophistication and thoroughness of the building management system and commissioning.  ACCO Engineered Systems brings cost effective and energy conscious design into reality.


Central Plants

The HVAC heart of many multi-building campuses and high-end commercial and industrial properties is the central heating and cooling plant.  Our experience allows us to optimize the equipment selections of cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and pumps for energy by developing appropriate sequences of operation.  And space requirements are minimized through construction-conscious layout of the plants. 


Thermal Storage

Thermal Storage allows for central plant load-shifting or backup cooling capacity in the case of equipment failure.  ACCO engineering can provide the analysis needed to validate the return on investment taking into consideration any local, state, or federal incentives or initiatives.  Following analysis, we have the experience to integrate the design of a thermal storage system into any new or existing central plant.


Radiant Cooling/Heating

Use of radiant cooling and heating within the industry has been increasing with potential efficiency gains and occupant comfort driving this approach.  ACCO is experienced in both design and installation of these systems to ensure proper operation.


Displacement Ventilation

There is a proper application for displacement ventilation providing improved occupant comfort and extended use of economizer hours over traditional approaches.  Incorrect application will cause long-term occupant discomfort and increase, rather than decrease, energy usage.  ACCO’s experience designing displacement ventilation systems will ensure appropriate use of this energy efficient approach.


Underfloor Air Distribution

Leveraging the same principle of displacement ventilation, an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system presents unique design and construction challenges.   These challenges need to be addressed during initial stages of design to ensure long-term successful operation of the building.  ACCO’s experience in UFAD allows us to appropriately guide the design team to ensure a successful and rewarding project.


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