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Twin Towers Residential Buildings - Mechanical Upgrade

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: August 2014

Customer Segment: Residential

Project Type: HVAC, Chiller

Geographic Market: Greater Los Angeles

An ACCO Service Maintenance customer for over 20 years, this HOA in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles consulted with ACCO to upgrade its’ central plant. The 14-story, 360,000 SF twin tower condominiums contained two 160 ton reciprocating chillers installed in the early 1980s. The chillers were worn out, losing compressors, and had major operational inefficiencies. More

Commercial Office Building

Location: Culver City, CA

Date: July 2014

Customer Segment: Office Building

Project Type: HVAC

Geographic Market: Greater Los Angeles

Located in “The Heart of Screenland” this 5 story office building was built in 1984 and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. The 115K square foot structure was being cooled by 1998 60 ton Carrier package units that were old, rusting, and in need of repairs. In addition, the units were running on R-22 refrigerant which is being phased out of production due to environmental restrictions from the E.P.A. ACCO, as an SCE approved HVAC Optimization contractor, introduced this property management client to the benefits of the HVAC Early Retirement program. The program, which is funded by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), provides contractor rebates for upgrading to more energy efficient HVAC equipment. This funding will continue and be granted on a first come first serve basis. More

Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Date: February 2014

Customer Segment: Healthcare

Project Type: HVAC

Geographic Market: Greater Los Angeles

Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles are two 166,000 square foot medical office buildings managed by REIT Management and Research.  Both buildings were in need of a mechanical upgrade; each of the buildings had its own central plant comprised of four 150 ton compressors using 1950’s reciprocating technology.  In addition to being inefficient, the compressors and refrigeration components had been experiencing a high rate of failure. More

Major Medical Office

Location: Bellflower, CA

Date: January 2014

Customer Segment: Healthcare

Project Type: Boiler Retrofit

Geographic Market: Greater Los Angeles

This major medical facility is a converted hospital that was operating with 2 high temperature, high pressure 250 HP hot water boilers installed in 1974, that, through heat exchangers provided steam for medical equipment, domestic hot water, and space heating hot water. The boilers were at the end of their useful life and one set had been shut down to comply with SCAQMD emissions codes, resulting in lost redundancy. More

Adobe Data Center

Location: Seattle, WA

Date: June 2013

Customer Segment: Data Center

Project Type: HVAC

Geographic Market: Pacific Northwest

Adobe Systems, Inc. has a culture of being at the highest level of conservation and green measures as possible.  To perpetuate their worldview, Adobe annually reviews their carbon footprint and determines whether they can implement more efficient systems. More


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