Chilled Water Plant Cooling Tower Replacement | San Diego, CA

    In the heart of downtown San Diego stands this interesting Art Deco design building which is actually a chilled water plant. This center supplies cooling to buildings in the central business district with a capacity of 8,000 installed tons, serving 2 million square feet of local high rise buildings. The plant contains 4 large cooling towers, with 2 of the 4 past their life expectancy and was not providing adequate heat rejection.

    Project Requirements

    Located in the middle of a major city, this cooling tower replacement had to take place over a weekend, since the street needed to be shut down. ACCO was selected as the prime contractor in charge of all disciplines including building permits, structural design & supports, in-house engineering, street closure, and related traffic permits.

    Due to the significant amount of chilled water the plant provides to cool much of downtown San Diego, it was also a requirement that the project takes place during mild weather.

    What ACCO Delivered

    For this particular project, ACCO replaced 1 of the 4 cooling towers, selecting a 1,500-ton Evapco AT duel cell cooling tower with all stainless steel construction.

    ACCO conducted the crane lift on a Saturday morning with all equipment moved prior to Monday morning. The onsite employees of the site were not impacted and the project was completed successfully within the customer’s timeline. This high profile capital project was very successful and due to ACCO’s excellent work and project management, they have been asked to participate in another bid to replace the last antiquated cooling tower.

    Project Details