Energy / Generation

ACCO Engineered Systems has experience in the design, integration, and construction of energy generation systems such as renewable energy wind turbines, natural gas microturbines, and diesel fueled generators.  Additionally, ACCO has expertise in incorporating heat recovery (cogeneration) systems to reclaim the energy for usage in the adjacent buildings.  The captured thermal energy can be utilized to produce heating hot water, domestic hot water, steam, or chilled water through the usage of absorption chillers.

ACCO has performed as the prime, mechanical and electrical contractor for a number of generation projects which include the following representative projects employing microturbines, reciprocating gas engine-generators and wind turbine generators:

  • City of Victorville/M&M Mars: Prime Contractor, 1 MW (1 MW Recip.)
  • City of Victorville SCLA #1-3, Prime Contractor, 4 mW (10 x various (333 kW – 1.25 mW Recips)
  • Desert Valley Hospital: Prime Contractor, 650 kW (1 x 650 kw Recip with cogeneration)
  • El Monte USD Central Kitchen: Mechanical Contractor (3 x 60 kW MicroTurbines with cogeneration)
  • Bob Wiley Detention Facility Visalia: Mechanical Contractor (800 kW Recip with cogeneration)
  • Hayward Landfill Reclaim: Mechanical Contractor (2 x 60 kW MicroTurbines)
  • Kings County Govt. Center: Mechanical/Civil Contractor (10 x 60kW MicroTurbines with cogeneration)
  • Pasadena City College: Mechanical Contractor  (3 x 60 kW MicroTurbines with cogeneration)
  • East LA College: Mechanical Contractor (8 x 60 kW MicroTurbines with cogeneration)
  • USMC, Barstow Marine Corp Depot: Prime Contractor (1.5 MW Wind Turbine Generator)
  • City of Palm Springs Municipal Cogen Plant: Mechanical Contractor (1 mW Recip with cogeneration)
  • Burbank Water and Power, Landfill Gas to Energy: Mechanical and Electrical Contractor, (4 x 200 kW Microturbines)