HVAC Piping

ACCO Engineered Systems’ Pipe Pre-Fabrication shops are foundational to our Piping Department. The shops produce over 120,000 diameter inches of welded pipe every year, as well as structural members to support equipment and pipe. Innovation, efficiency and precision are our top priorities. Using the most modern, state of the art welding and material handling equipment helps ACCO deliver a product with superior value. ACCO uses plasma cutters to guarantee absolute accuracy and consistent cutting of material.

Computerized detailing and coordination have become the standard at ACCO. Our use of 3-D modeling and clash detection software saves countless hours in the field. ACCO CAD detailers average over 20 years of field experience, and have first-hand knowledge of how to draw and construct a project. You can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

ACCO Engineered Systems employs the best personnel in the industry. We recently reached a milestone of 1.5 million piping hours with no lost-time incidents! Our pipe fitters are experts in all types of piping projects, including Hydronic and DX split systems.

ACCO invests heavily in training and equipping our personnel. This includes wireless notebook computers that are carried by our General Foremen in the field. The direct connection these computers provide allow our General Foremen to:

  • Send and receive the latest drawings and other job related information to and from the field.
  • Generate and send RFIs directly from the job site.
  • Download product specifications and installation information from the internet and ACCO’s FTP site.
  • Communicate with vendors, customers, general contractors, subcontractors and ACCO management quickly and easily via e-mail.

Training at ACCO includes monthly classes to update supervisors on a wide variety of topics including Planning, Safety, Scheduling, Material Handling, and Productivity.

ACCO can handle any piping project, large or small, simple or complex. Contact ACCO for all of your piping needs.