Preventive Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance is the single most important activity needed to protect the investment in your mechanical assets.  Maintenance Service ensures the efficiency of your mechanical systems and maximizes the life of your equipment.  ACCO provides the highest quality maintenance service under flexible plans that best serve your building and equipment needs and GUARANTEES service lead times and 24/7 availability.

  • ACCOCare –  ACCOCare is our basic service plan that guarantees a service technician will be at your building and fixing your mechanical issues within 2 or 4 hours. GUARANTEED.
  • Predictive Diagnostic Services – Prevent catastrophic failures and avoid unanticipated downtime by regularly evaluating your mechanical assets.  ACCO’s predictive programs can provide early warning systems which alert and minimize possible issues before they happen.
  • ACCOGuard – ACCOGuard provides an additional level of guarantee to our customers by covering all costs for the maintenance parts that are under contract.

ACCO’s highly skilled and tenured Service Technicians stay with their accounts and provide unparalleled knowledge and continuity to their customers.  Other companies experience high turnover and frequent changes of Service Technicians – at ACCO it is not uncommon to see Service Technicians dedicated for 20 plus years to the company and its customers.

ACCO will work with you to develop a flexible Service Maintenance program that specifically meets your needs.