Decongest Your Mechanical Systems

By Brandon Ellis, Sales Manager | Facility Service Group

With allergy season coming full speed ahead, ACCO can prepare your mechanical systems to help address indoor air quality issues to reduce the impact of seasonal allergies on occupants.

Around this time of year, ACCO’s Facility Service sales teams start to get questions on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and allergens. Over 25% of commercial building occupants are preparing for the inevitable arrival of itchy eyes and stuffy noses as a result of seasonal allergies.

ACCO’s team members field calls from a variety of facility types looking for ways to minimize the impact of poor IAQ on the comfort and productivity of those that occupy their buildings. To get a jump start on this year’s allergy season, building owners, property managers and facility engineers should consider the following options to help improve IAQ as spring quickly approaches.

The most critical way to improve IAQ is through a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. In areas with heavy seasonal particulate impact, ACCO can provide additional filter replacements and filtration upgrades.

Additionally, IAQ issues can be related to systemic mechanical design or installation issues. Modifications to the existing building control sequences or mechanical systems can have impacts that are realized when seasonal air quality changes. In these cases, the next step is a systemic evaluation with our Certified Commissioning and Air Balance Technicians.

If you continue to experience issues with IAQ, supplementary air quality technologies can be utilized, such as installing UV lighting, bi-polar ionization, HEPA filtration, or air scrubbers. Before this, we would conduct a detailed Indoor Air Quality assessment and comprehensive mechanical system evaluation to tailor the specific environmental conditions to your facility.

Forget the boxes of tissues and give your occupants the much-needed relief to breeze through this allergy season. Contact ACCO today for more information!

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