Fire Sprinklers

ACCO Engineered Systems is proud to offer the design, engineering, construction and service of fire sprinkler systems in select markets. Fire Sprinkler Systems are an effective safety measure used to prevent injury and harm, and can significantly reduce the severity of damage caused by a fire. ACCO incorporates our over 90-year history of consistent project design and delivery of critical systems to ensure sufficiently equipped life safety and property safety systems. Our fire sprinkler team is ready to deliver systems that meet and exceed project objectives, provide best-value results, optimize serviceability and more.

Fire Sprinkler Services:

  • Wet / Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Systems
  • Fire Hose Valves
  • Standpipes
  • Fire Sprinkler Head Installation / Replacement / 20-50 Year Testing
  • Underground Fire Lines
  • Fire Pumps / Pump Runs / 5-Year Certifications
  • Support / Seismic Bracing / Upgrade Retrofits
  • Tanks, Valves, Switches, Gauges, and more 
  • Backflow / PRV Testing and Certification
  • All Maintenance, Testing, Inspections, and Certifications required per local jurisdictions

Industry Segments:

  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Transportation Facilities
  • K-12 / Higher Education
  • Multi-Use High Rises
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Hospitality / Food Service
  • Entertainment / Amusement Parks / Sport Complexes
  • Federal / Municipal / Institutional
  • Retrofit / Tenant Improvement

 ACCO currently offers Fire sprinkler-related coverage in select markets throughout California and Nevada. For more information, contact us