ACCO Culture
& Core Values


We are committed to the stewardship of our company, which values the merit of its employees and shares the financial success of our collective efforts.

We are committed to truly caring about and respecting each other by ensuring equality, inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

We are committed to individual and mutual responsibility in building strong relationships.

We are committed to creating a highly accountable and repeatable customer experience.


We will never compromise the health and safety of our employees, customers or the public.

We pride ourselves on high moral and ethical behavior.

We are trustworthy and honest in business.

We do what we say and we stand by our products and customers for life.


We are humble, resilient, and optimistic.

We have positive intent in the workplace by knowing that each of us is performing at the best of our ability.

We are open to giving and receiving feedback.

We create a safe place where there is compassion and we can be our best selves with each other.


We value creativity and curiosity in providing effective solutions.

We continuously strive to “raise the bar” in everything we do.

We are courageous to seek a better way.

We are practitioners of new ways to improve and reduce costs while maintaining high quality.


We are “hands on,” wear many hats and no job is too big or small for us.

We are proactive, self-starters and offer solutions to problems.

We share our knowledge with others and are not afraid to ask questions.

We bring a fresh mindset to the workplace.


We believe in the power of working together.

We give our time and skills to each other’s assignments and make the best use of each other’s contributions.

We leverage knowledge, respect differences of opinion and support each other to achieve all of our goals.

We trust each other and are flexible with a new way or direction.