Design Capabilities

HVAC Design

What are your highest priorities?  Energy efficiency?  System longevity?  Lowest first cost?  Unique requirements steer the system selection and design for each project.  ACCO provides the project team a broad foundation of HVAC system knowledge supplemented through 75 years of construction experience, startup and commissioning of systems, and long-term building operations for a wide range of building types.  ACCO leverages our engineering “know-how” to select an HVAC approach that matches our clients’ highest priorities.

Plumbing Design

Whether a high-rise residence, a research laboratory or an office building; appropriate plumbing system design sets the stage for owner, tenant, and occupant satisfaction.  ACCO provides plumbing design for simple tenant retrofits to complex high-rise buildings and unique laboratory applications.

Energy Analysis

LEED.  ASHRAE 90.1.  California Title 24.  CalGreen.  EnergyStar.  AB1103.  Savings By Design.  There are a multitude of energy efficiency requirements for new buildings and retrofit projects.  ACCO can help identify energy efficiency requirements for your project, design to energy and utility cost saving targets, and provide the energy analysis and documentation needed to validate the design requirements.

Value Engineering Project Review

Whether a project is design/build, design/assist, or plan/spec,  ACCO provides a value engineering review proposing ideas which reduce first cost while improving, maintaining or minimizing impact to system performance based on client priorities.  A simple cost savings, return on investment (ROI) calculation, or a full life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) accompanies value engineering ideas.   Our experience in building, commissioning and maintaining HVAC and Plumbing systems induces real value propositions and ensures accurate analysis of first cost savings.