2128 Sand Hill Road | Menlo Park, CA

    Khosla Ventures: a venture capital firm run by people who listen to, analyze, and advise entrepreneurs, manages the main fund that supports early and late stage investments and a seed fund for developing very early-stage experiments.  As a firm that focuses on next-generation energy projects, new materials, mobility, the Internet and silicon technology, it was imperative that the building reflects these industries.

    Project Requirements

    This high-profile office building located in Menlo Park incorporates many green technologies with the goal of LEED Gold, including geothermal wells, solar panels, and energy-saving building management systems.

    What ACCO Delivered

    Water-cooled variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. This 13,000 SF building that houses one of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious venture capital firms makes use of an innovative geothermal condenser water loop to feed 4 water-cooled condensing units and a corresponding network of 41 VRF fan coil units within the occupied building space. Ventilation air to FCU’s is preheated by a solar panel heat exchanger system. This highly efficient HVAC system is capable of yielding EER’s in excess of 20.0 due to the concept of heat pump balance, as well as through ECM motors, variable speed driven circulating pumps, and an advanced DDC control system by Automated Logic Corp.

    LEED requires that an energy model validates proposed efficiencies.  ACCO produced this energy model in-house which will work towards the goal of LEED Gold.

    Project Team

    Owner: Khosla Ventures
    General Contractor: Ptak Construction
    Design-Build Criteria Consultant & Commissioning Agent: Taylor Engineering
    Design-Build Mechanical/Controls: ACCO Engineered Systems