888 Brannan – Airbnb | San Francisco, CA

This five (5) story office building was originally built beginning in 1917. It features more than 300,000 square foot of office space and around 110,000 square foot of retail space. The major renovation which started in 2011 includes a nice large atrium area and upgraded double pane windows while preserving the historic integrity of the building.

Project Requirements

  • Office space meets LEED requirements
  • Over 410,000 square foot of office and retail space.
  • Combinations of VAV hot water reheat, Constant volume rooftop Heat Pumps and Condenser Water systems totaling approximately 1,020 tons.

What ACCO Delivered

ACCO’s design for the Airbnb, 888 Brannan project is unique considering that the building was built in a few phases of construction that started from 1917 up to 1986. The floor to floor heights in some parts of the building is very tight. Construction was challenging and ACCO played a major role in the coordination process.
The project consists of new mechanical systems for the two buildings. The house systems are VAV cooling only packaged units with hot water reheat for Building 870 using a high efficiency
condensing boiler and constant volume rooftop heat pumps for Building 850. A fluid cooler delivering approximately 300 tons is used for after hour systems and retail space cooling. Water source heat pumps were used for basement retail space due to space constraints.
Sunbelt Controls provided the Automatic Logic DDC control systems and their role was very rewarding.

Project Team

Owner: SKS Investments
Architect: Gensler Architects
General Contractor: Richlen Construction
Mechanical Engineer: ACCO Engineered Systems
Mechanical Contractor: ACCO Engineered Systems