Adobe Data Center | Seattle, WA

    Adobe Systems, Inc. has a culture of being at the highest level of conservation and green measures as possible.  To perpetuate their worldview, Adobe annually reviews their carbon footprint and determines whether they can implement more efficient systems.

    Project Requirements

    The 4,000 square foot data center had 15-year-old equipment that was in good working condition, but Adobe wished to take advantage of new technologies with considerable conservation measures. Two 20-ton CRAC units were replaced with newer equipment to take advantage of improved energy conservation. Variable speed fans with adjustable compressor capacity, Liebert smart-aisle controls, and cold-aisle containment systems were installed.

    What ACCO Delivered

    Adobe Systems, Inc. gave ACCO the unique opportunity to dovetail mechanical upgrades with electrical upgrades. Two 20-ton CRAC units were tied together in a common air distribution network, and Liebert’s smart-aisle controls were integrated with variable-speed fans to differ airflow based on real-time needs.

    Because of the load on Adobe’s servers, there was a very narrow window where particular servers would be offline so as not to require cooling. There was a 48-hour completion requirement from start to finish, necessitating extensive pre-planning, scheduling hour by hour, prefabrication, and pre-coordination. Adobe’s engineers worked closely with ACCO in a coordinated effort to ensure maximum energy savings and smooth transitions between the old equipment and the new.

    Initially, it was anticipated that there would be a 15-25% energy savings with the newly-installed equipment. After the first quarter, Adobe’s Chief Engineer reported a 30%+ reduction in energy costs, far exceeding the company’s expectations.

    Project Team

    Owner: Adobe Systems, Inc.
    Mechanical Design-Assist Contractor: ACCO Engineered Systems

    Project Details