Commercial Office Building | Pasadena, CA

    ACCO had just completed a diagnostic of this 8 story, 130,000 square foot commercial office building’s mechanical system, recommending full system upgrades. Within 3 months and during a record-breaking heat wave in March, one of the four DX built system compressors stopped functioning and tenants were complaining.

    Project Requirements

    The owner was interested in resolving the immediate problem of cooling the area of the building affected by the failed compressor without interruption to tenants. Further objectives were to begin the other mechanical upgrades and to obtain a rebate from Pasadena Water & Power. It was essential that the high rent tenants be returned quickly to optimal air comfort with no disruptions.

    What ACCO Delivered

    ACCO implemented a rapid Two Phase Solution that would remedy the urgent cooling issue while improving the overall mechanical output of the building. The Team determined Bitzer compressors as the best choice due to high efficiencies and low noise levels, important to the professional tenants- a combination of banks, legal firms and other high end service companies. In only 3 days, the Bitzer compressors arrived and within 7 days ACCO pulled the city permit and completed the rigging, crane lift and installation of the failed compressor. The second compressor was then replaced in 3 more days with the first phase of the project complete in 10 business days with minimal impact to tenants.
    During the compressor installation, ACCO identified that the existing control system was causing the equipment to short cycle too frequently so an upgrade to the existing control system was recommended to provide a proper sequence of operations and protect the useful life of the equipment. The customer was pleased not only with ACCO’s performance but with the $40,000 rebate they were issued from Pasadena Water & Power upon completion of the project. Due to the success of the first 2 phases, ACCO was further awarded replacement of the final 2 faulty compressors which was completed on time and on budget delivering another $40,000 rebate.