Community College | Oceanside, CA

    Stretching over 121 acres in Oceanside, CA, this prominent Southern California coastal Community College was relying on an antiquated 350-ton air chiller to cool 60% of its’ campus buildings. The chiller was past its life expectancy, experiencing frequent mechanical failures and corrosion. In addition, it was running on R-22 refrigerant which is being phased out of production due to environmental restrictions from the E.P.A.gram by exchanging 2 more antiquated units.

    Project Requirements

    In addition to HVAC equipment and components, the project required electrical, concrete and fencing work. ACCO was selected as both the General Contractor and Mechanical Services contractor due to their deep experience in construction and engineering. This provided exceptional project integration and unique value to the customer.

    The project took place during the summer when school was out of session and needed to be completed prior to the fall school season commencement.

    What ACCO Delivered

    ACCO selected a Daiken high-efficiency Chiller using R-134A refrigerant which has been approved by the EPA for use in air conditioning as it does not negatively impact the ozone layer.

    The District anticipated a one-week project completion to replace the equipment and reconstruct the area. Due to the increased size of the new equipment, the concrete and fencing needed to be extended and reapportioned.

    ACCO completed the change out in 3 days with no interruptions to the ongoing class schedules. The newly installed chiller was treated with a protective coating on all surfaces to protect it from the corrosion that is customary in coastal environments. During the equipment change, the other smaller chillers were used to temporarily cool the classrooms. In addition to the project being completed ahead of schedule, it was also on budget with no unnecessary change outs.