Governor George Deukmejian Court House | Long Beach, CA

    Based on an AOC review in June 2007, it was recommended that the State construct a new court facility in Long Beach that addresses a current space shortfall and accessibility issues; increases security; replaces a seismically and functionally deficient facility; provides space for future growth.

    Project Requirements

    Displacement Ventilation and Underfloor Air Distribution in the Courtrooms, Atrium and North Public Corridor used for energy efficiency and increased ceiling heights.

    • 558,000 SF
    • 31 Total Courtrooms
    • 180 Detention Cells with Secured Ceilings
    • 1,200 Ton Central Plant 

    What ACCO Delivered

    The courthouse was a fast-moving project. The structural steel erection started in December 2011 and the entire building was turned over and commissioned by August 2013.
    ACCO worked as a design assist contractor with Syska Hennessy as the peer review and engineer of record. Our relationship with Syska Hennessy Group and Clark Construction allowed us to present innovative and cost-effective ways of meeting the RFP and Court Standards requirements while keeping up with the fast pace construction schedule.
    The entire project team including Project Manager, Detailers and ACCO Design Engineers worked onsite throughout the entire construction project. Having the team onsite full-time allowed for seamless communication with the design and construction teams. The project was awarded a LEED Silver Status.

    Project Team

    Owner: Long Beach Judicial Partners
    Architect: AECOM
    General Contractor: Clark Construction
    Mechanical Engineer: Syska Hennessey Group/ACCO Engineered System
    Mechanical Contractor: ACCO Engineered Systems