Penumbra | Roseville, CA

Penumbra is a medical device manufacturer based in Alameda, CA, that had a need to expand their operations.  Penumbra selected an old Hewlett Packard building in  Roseville, CA. The manufacturing floor consists of 90,000  square feet of class 10,000 clean room.  ACCO was approached by two of the three general contractors that were invited to bid on the Penumbra project and participated in two of the interviews. Market 1 Builders chose ACCO to be exclusive on their team and was ultimately successful in securing the project.

What ACCO Delivered

The clean room mechanical system consists of eleven identical 40 ton Daikin rooftop units all providing conditioned air and ventilation to the plenum space. 890 fan powered HEPA filters are used to provide filtration and the required air changes into the clean room spaces. One of the eleven units is a redundant unit that is capable of taking over for any of the other clean room AC units in a failure event.

In order to demonstrate compliance with an owner requirement for a two degree or less temperature gradient within the plenum space the Sacramento Engineering team reached out to ACCO’s San Leandro Engineering team for a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. Having the ability to perform the CFD analysis in-house certainly strengthened our relationship with Market 1 Builders and enhances our reputation for being the Mechanical partner of choice for general contractors in our marketplace.

Project Team

Owner: Penumbra
General Contractor: MarketOne Builders