Twin Towers Residential Buildings – Mechanical Upgrade | Los Angeles, CA

    An ACCO Service Maintenance customer for over 20 years, this HOA in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles consulted with ACCO to upgrade its’ central plant. The 14-story, 360,000 SF twin tower condominiums contained two 160 ton reciprocating chillers installed in the early 1980s. The chillers were worn out, losing compressors, and had major operational inefficiencies.

    Project Requirements

    The HOA was interested in upgrading their mechanical systems while minimizing tenant disruptions and maximizing cost effectiveness through securing a utility rebate. Since Los Feliz is an affluent, tranquil neighborhood in Los Angeles, one of the major objectives of the project was noise reduction.

    What ACCO Delivered

    ACCO chose two 160 ton high-efficiency magnetic bearing chillers that qualified for a DWP rebate of over $60,000. The ACCO team of engineers and technicians designed and completed a staged replacement with no disruptions to building occupants. The upgrade was completed in early 2014, taking less than 2 months to complete. Sunbelt Electric, an ACCO company, performed the electrical rewiring and power upgrades. In addition to the customer rebate, projected annual energy savings are $32,000 per year.
    Along with improved tenant air comfort, the magnetic bearing chillers proved to be very quiet and significantly reduced the ambient noise to the surrounding property owners. The upgrade resulted in a myriad of benefits to the customer, the residents and the community at large.